1868 map of the vinyards along the Mosel

The Prussian government commissioned the Steuerrath Clotten Mosel vineyard map in 1868. This was a revolutionary document for the time, clearly articulating the idea of terroir with an unprecedented level of specificity. Eight tax levels, in fact, were simplified and condensed into three "quality" rankings for the vineyards, indicated by the three-tone legend toward the bottom-left of the map. Meanwhile, the celebrated contemporary Bordeaux classification (1855) ranked quality based solely on the producer, with no mention of the vineyard at all.

For more information on the 1868 Mosel wine map, please see the excellent article at www.larscarlberg.com

Rieslingfeier is thrilled to be able to offer a reprint of the first edition of the Steuerrath Clotten Mosel vineyard map.
The map covers an important section of the Mosel, from Trier to Wolf, including the Saar and Ruwer tributaries.

Mosel Weinkarte - Detail

Reprint of the 1868 Steuerrath Clotten Mosel Map
Dimensions: 55 x 16 inches
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